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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This is the "face" of the opposition to laws asserting the humanity of unborn children. This photo was taken in the lobby of the Senate Education & Health Committee meeting room, just after the Committee voted to report HB1 to the floor of the Senate...and just before several Republican Senators teamed up with the Democrats to "recommit" the bill to the Committee for next year.

Make no mistake, the resistance to Truth is fierce. And mobilized. Reports indicated that the abortion lobby amassed 33,000 signatures on its petitions to our elected officials.

Within the next several months, we need to blow those numbers away with an undeniable show of support for HB1. This will be critical, as moving the bill forward for next session will require the Education and Health Committee to hold a special meeting for this purpose prior to November 29th.

The plight of the unborn—and even the newly born—is growing increasingly desperate. A recent article in a peer-reviewed medical journal advocates for “after-birth abortion.” According to the article, since we all know that unborn children are human beings, there is no legitimate basis for prohibiting the killing of infants who suffer from serious medical conditions.

The pro-life community cannot be silent. Please act NOW—sign our online petition, and share it with everyone you know who respects the sanctity of human life.