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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Prayers for Thursday

I will be headed off to Richmond at an unseemly hour tomorrow morning, along with my faithful advisors/companions, Dean and Janet Welty. 8:30 a.m. will find us in the Senate Education and Health Committee room. This is the Committee many refer to as the "Committee of Death," based on its history of systematically killing any piece of legislation that is even remotely "pro-life."

Senator Mark Obenshain is slated to present his Senate version of The Inalienable Right to Life Bill, and I will be on hand to make a statement in favor of the bill on behalf of The Rutherford Institute and then to answer "questions" from the Committee.

Please pray that I would be wide awake--body, spirit, and mind, and able to articulate the answers to the questions posed, whether posed in good faith or bad. Pray that I would be gracious to the adversaries (who are SURE to be there in full force) and yet that I, and the others there to testify in support of the bill, would be able to boldly stand for Truth and Justice. Please pray that God would grant us wisdom, and that whatever the outcome in this particular Committee, that He would be glorified and His kingdom advanced.

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