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Friday, February 1, 2013

5 Minutes a Day - Day 13

Day 13 - February 1 - Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli

Thank you, again, for coming with me on this "5 Minutes a Day" Campaign.  As promised, today is our last e-mail.  But I hope and pray that it will not be the last day of your allowing God to use you in carrying His banner of Truth and Justice into the public square.

Did you notice that you didn't hear much about pro-life legislation in Virginia this year?  Unfortunately, that was no accident.  While two pro-life bills were presented this year (both of which died in Committee), the sad fact is that there was some "agreement" in Richmond that this session was a time to back off and "play defense."  House Bill 1, of course, remained buried in the Committee from last year.  My hope is that our efforts will remind key legislators that Virginians who care deeply about the cause of life have not gone away.  I hope that this will figure into their plans for legislation next session.

Please continue to check back in with the blog periodically.  I don't post every day, but will try to do so a few times each week. 

Attorney General Cuccinelli has been a great friend to the cause of life.  When Governor McDonnell chose to shy away from House Bill 1 because it became the center of media scoffing, Cuccinelli stood firm, publicly appearing at two separate events to dispel the doubts the Governor had raised about the measure's constitutionality.  Let's take a moment to thank and encourage our Attorney General:

Dear Attorney General Cuccinelli:

Thank you for your willingness to use your office to stand for the sanctity of human life in our Commonwealth. It is important to me and my family that the laws of Virginia recognize that human life begins at conception, and that every human being—from conception until natural death—has basic human rights. I am aware that there are many Republican politicians who would prefer to ignore this issue, but because it is a human rights issue, it cannot be ignored. I am praying specifically for you today, that God would continue to give you great courage to stand for the cause of life. Thank you.


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Please pray for Ken Cuccinelli.

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