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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"It's All A Big Game."

I've been told, countless times, that I should understand that the world of politics is nothing more than "a big game." At times, I am tempted to believe this. There are many in positions of power in our Commonwealth who make their decisions not based solely on what is right, good, and just, but also based on how the decisions will be perceived by the public.

Of course, we can all understand and relate to this. Who, among us, is immune from the desire to be liked and admired? And for a public official, the continuation of his or her position is determined by how many voters "like" him or her.

But isn't it possible that a certain proportion of voters--particularly in this day and age--is just yearning for representatives with integrity? That we might be able to overlook a decision we may not agree with in the interest of standing behind one who follows the dictates of his or her conscience, or of faith?

I have been told that in this election year, some of the leaders of our Commonwealth may be reluctant to get behind HB1 because it may be perceived by others to suffer from the shortcomings of "personhood" initiatives in other states. This is a valid concern, but only until I offer the evidence of how HB1 differs from those other measures, and how the allegations of opponents are legally unfounded. At that point, it becomes an issue of integrity--of choosing to do what is right, good, and just, and standing against false accusations.

For now, the question is open: will Virginia's highest officials take a stand for Truth by throwing their weight in support of HB1? Or will they, instead, cower to their interests in self-preservation?

Is it all just a "big game?" I don't know, but I do know the one who declares the victor in the end. And self-preservation doesn't score well in his book.

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