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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Pro-Life Bill, or a Pro-Lawyer Bill?

It appears that some of our professed pro-life friends in Richmond are selling out. They are ready to forfeit crucial, long-term goals of the pro-life movement in the interest of avoiding criticism from abortion supporters. This in the form of supporting Senator Stanley's ill-conceived SB674. Here's what you need to know:

Stanley Bill -SB674 (A Pro-Lawyer Bill)

• Establishes wrongful death cause of action for unborn child after 12 weeks by amending Virginia's existing wrongful death statute to include "a fetus."

• Limited to creating wrongful death cause of action; carries no potential to create foundation for future efforts to limit abortion.

• Does not establish life at conception or recognize the basic humanity of the unborn.

Marshall Bill - HB1 (A Pro-Life Bill)

• Establishes wrongful death cause of action for unborn child at all stages by recognizing that life begins at conception and that unborn children are human beings.

• Creates a general rule of construction that applies to all of Virginia law, thereby laying a strong foundation for every future pro-life effort, including efforts to limit abortion.

So what can we possibly do to confront this back-door effort to undermine our goals? PLENTY!

Please call or e-mail Senator Bill Stanley TODAY and say something like this: "Please withdraw SB 674 and support HB1 instead at crossover. SB 674 will interfere with important, long-term goals of the pro-life movement."

A phone call to (804) 698-7520 is best, and an e-mail to is second-best.

Thank you so much. If we get his phone ringing off the hook, it could absolutely save HB1.

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