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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

An Overdue Update

My failure to update the blog until now is primarily indicative of one thing: so much has been happening with House Bill 1 that I haven't had time to write the updates!

And today's update will be brief, but it is essential. Last Friday, after an intense debate, HB1 sailed through the House Courts of Justice Committee by a vote of 14-4! The 14 favorable votes included that of one Democrat, Joe Johnson.

Yesterday, the bill was debated on the floor of the House, where it was "engrossed for its third reading." That means the final floor vote will be taken today. Barring any surprises (and believe me, there have been plenty this session!), the bill will pass the House today and cross over for consideration in the Senate.

Please be praying! I hope to find time to catch you up on some of the recent developments over the next week. God has definitely been at work here (as have His enemies), and I look forward to telling you about that so that you can join me in praising Him and being in awe of Him. And I will be doing that regardless of the ultimate outcome for HB1.

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