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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lucy and the Lion

Do you remember this scene from Disney's production of C.S. Lewis' Prince Caspian: a large and frightful army is after little Lucy, who stands at one end of a wooden bridge with only a small knife to defend herself. But by her side is the Lion. Aslan. As the gleeful army starts across the bridge, he lets out a deafening roar. The water itself rises up, and the army is demolished.

Friends, we are Lucy in this battle for a law that simply recognizes Truth. We are created by God, in His image, and each human life--from conception--is precious. While life at conception is a fact that is demonstrably and scientifically true, it is also the antidote to the poisonous lies peddled by the abortion industry. It plainly exposes the depravity of laws permitting abortion. They see that very clearly, and that is why they have mobilized against us with everything they've got.

Their side is powerful, numerous, passionate, and well-funded. The media is on their side. Sadly, much of "our side" is complacent, silent, distracted, or divided by competing loyalties to parties or politicians. But in my work on this, I have also seen many faithful followers of Christ who are willing to go into battle, even at great personal cost, for their Master's causes. For Truth.

And let us never forget--indeed, let us be emboldened and motivated by--the Lion of Judah whose roar is our lifeblood. He is at our side, and He is worthy of the battle, whatever the outcome.

HB1 is scheduled to be debated in the Senate Education and Health Committee tomorrow (which also happens to be Planned Parenthood's Lobby Day). Please contact these Senators and ask for their support. You don't have to be fancy--a simple sentence will do. If you only have time to contact one or two, please contact Sen. Martin and Sen. Blevins.

Sen. Harry Blevins (804) 698-7514
Sen. Charles Carrico (804) 698-7540
Sen. Tom Garrett (804) 698-7522
Sen. Steven Martin (804) 698-7511
Sen. Jeffrey McWaters (804) 698-7508
Sen. Stephen Newman (804) 698-7523
Sen. Ralph Smith (804) 698-7519
Sen. Dick Black (804) 698-7513

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