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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

5 Minutes a Day - Day 11

Day 11 - January 30, 2013 - Speaking Truth to Power

Senator Tommy Norment (a Republican from the Williamsburg area) is the Senate Majority Leader.  He led the charge in "re-committing" House Bill 1 back to the Education and Health Committee mere hours after a full hearing resulted in the Committee's reporting the bill for a recorded floor vote of the full Senate.

While Senator Norment told reporters that he thought there were "questions" about the bill that needed further consideration, the fact is that every "question" raised about the bill was definitively answered.  Furthermore, Senator Norment has refused my offers to meet personally with him at a time and place of his choosing to answer any legal "questions" to his satisfaction.

If a man's heart is set against the recognition, for purposes of Virginia law, that human life begins at conception, there is probably little we can do to change that.  But we know the One who can and does change hearts.  And beyond that, I believe it is our duty, as Christians, to "speak truth to power" by letting Senator Norment know that we disapprove of his standing in the way of efforts to lay a foundation for the protection of human life in the womb.

Are you with me?

Dear Senator Norment,

I was deeply disappointed to learn of your vote last session to "re-commit" House Bill 1--the quintessential "life at conception" bill--to the Senate Education and Health Committee.  As you know, that Committee held a full and lengthy hearing on the bill in which both sides had ample opportunity to present their arguments.  I was told that every "question" raised about the bill was, in fact, answered during the hearing.  At the end of the hearing, the Committee voted (8-7) to report the bill to the Senate floor for an up or down vote. 

Under these circumstances, it appears that your vote to send the bill back to the Committee was nothing less than a manipulation of the legislative process.  This bill was vetted through all the proper channels, and it therefore should have received a full, recorded vote on its substance (not just on the motion to send it back to the Committee).

I understand that many politicians have determined that it is time to "move on" from divisive issues such as abortion.  But please know that I and countless other Virginians recognize this as a human rights issue.  We will not "move on" until the laws of our Commonwealth recognize that life begins at conception and provide basic legal protections for every member of the human family from conception until natural death.  In our view, any legislator who is not willing to work to secure the unalienable right to life should not be entrusted with the incredible responsibility of lawmaking. 

I hope that you will re-examine your position on this measure, and I am praying toward this end.


[your name]

Senator Norment's e-mail address:

Please pray for Senator Norment.

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