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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Woman With a Sign

Every Friday on my way to The Rutherford Institute, I pass by a Planned Parenthood clinic.  There is usually at least one person on the sidewalk outside--sometimes a handful--holding signs or just bowing in prayer.

I sometimes wish that there were more people there.

I always want to stop and just go thank these folks for taking a stand that is wildly unpopular and branded by most as "judgmental" or downright mean.  In fact, I usually feel a pang of guilt for not being right out there with them. 

If we really believe that tiny, helpless human lives are being snuffed out inside that building, isn't it right that we should peacefully protest that?  Who knows whether God might choose to work through a well-worded sign pointing a desperate mother to a greater Hope?

Last week, the vision I saw brought me to tears.  One woman, bundled against the cold, head bowed in prayer, held a sign that read simply, "I regret my abortion."

That is a testimony. 

For me, stopping on that particular day was not an option.  But if I ever see her there again, I will stop.  I will thank her for doing what all Christians should be about:  giving both our best and our mess to the Father--holding back nothing--and letting him use us as He sees fit.

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